Sara Daniel Romance Author: #TuesdayTeaser - Construction Beauty Queen

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#TuesdayTeaser - Construction Beauty Queen

Note: I'm making a bit of a change to my blog. Effective immediately, the Tuesday Toolbox feature will now run every other Tuesday with a Tuesday Teaser running on the alternate Tuesdays.

This week's teaser comes from my sweet, contemporary romance novel Construction Beauty Queen, book one in the Small Town, Big Dreams series, published by Entangled Bliss.

"You left your tools behind," Veronica noted as Matt backed out of the driveway. "We didn't finish hanging the gate, and I really wanted to meet the owner of that house."

"I'll come back and finish up. The job's almost done."

"So I'm your top priority." She leaned her forehead against the window. "That's so sweet."

His chest tightened, but he kept his voice impassive. "You have a warped idea of top priority if you think someone who makes you beat yourself up with tools and then pass out is sweet."

She lifted her head enough to smile weakly at him. "Matt Shaw, you are without a doubt the sweetest boss I've ever had."

His fingers twitched. He clenched the steering wheel, but it was a poor substitute for the skin he longed to touch. "You're only saying that because I haven't fired you yet."

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