Sara Daniel Romance Author: The Naughty Angel #pnr #1NightStand from @shielasue @DecadentPub

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Naughty Angel #pnr #1NightStand from @shielasue @DecadentPub

The Naughty Angel a 1 Night Stand Series
Paranormal Romance
Shiela Stewart
Available in Print and ebook

 Guest Post by Shiela Stewart: 

Angels and Demons. Heaven and Hell. What makes them so fascinating and why do we want to go to heaven so badly? No, this is not going to be a preachy blog so please don’t turn me off. I’m about to share with you my take on the subject and why I love writing about them.

I do believe in Angels and Demons, but maybe not entirely in the biblical sense. I believe in good and bad. Everyone has good in them, and everyone has bad in them. It’s how we choose to use them that makes us who we are. Have you ever stopped and looked at those people who lead a normal life, going about a normal existence, then one day, they grab a weapon and take out a crowd of people? What made them do that?  Had to be evil inside of him for him to do such a thing.  Right?

When we think of angels we see delicate features of a woman or child with golden hair, wearing a white flowing dress and white feathery wings, gold halo over her head. That’s what we’ve been taught to believe. But what about the person that for no reason at all will pay for the person behind them in the grocery line up without saying a word to the person. Or shovel your walk after a snow storm. What about the person who stops on the side of the road to help someone fix their flat tire, in the middle of a downpour? A good hearted person couldn’t drive by and not stop and help.

Now, let’s talk about the biblical Angels and Demons. God Rules the Heavens and Satan rules Hell. Angels do God's work and Demons do Satan’s work. Neither has a mind of their own. I often wonder if they get bored with their jobs—if there really are such things. It was that thought that brought on the idea for my latest release, The Naughty Angel. I bring together an angel wanting something different in her life other than being the watcher of children and finds it at Madam Eve’s 1 Night Stand and a Demon looking for his next minion. Both are slaves to their master. Being together is the ultimate sin for both. Yet it is so tempting.

So tell me what you think. Are Angels and Demons real?  Has anyone ever gone out of their way to help you, even when they don’t know you? Comment and you could be a lucky winner will get a copy of The Naughty Angel just released.

Author Bio:

Raised on a rural farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, Shiela Stewart relied on her vivid imagination to fill her days. Never did she realize that her need to tell a story would someday lead to becoming a published author.

In the fall of two thousand and six, Shiela published her very first book and she hasn’t stopped since.

When not writing, Shiela spends time with the love of her life and biggest supporter, William. She enjoys doting on her children and granddaughter. She has a strong affection for animals which is evident in the five cats, one dog, plenty of fish and one turtle she owns.

Some of her other passions are home d├ęcor, crocheting and knitting.

Where to find Shiela:


Even the good turn bad sometimes.

A life of servitude to God has left Ariel Raine feeling worn out. Being an Angel isn’t all it's cracked up to be. Day in day out of the same routine tends to get tedious. Wanting some spice in her life, she sets her mind on discovering the allure of a sexual encounter. With the help of Madam Eve and her 1 Night Stand dating services, Ariel is about to have her world rocked.

Only one problem is…her match is a demon.

Edison Grey has relied on a dating service to claim minions for not only him, but for his master Satan as well. 1 Night Stand just happens to be this week’s preference. No use wasting a good service, Edison decides to have a little fun while he’s at it.

Stripping an angel of her purity is an added bonus.

What happens between Ariel and Edison is a surprise to both of them. Even with the threat of punishment looming over top of them.


Ariel sat on a park bench, enjoying the warm, sunny day as children played in the sand and swung high in the air. She never grew tired of watching them play. She enjoyed being their guardian.

Still…she longed for more.

When her sister, Sarafina, appeared beside her, Ariel acknowledged her with a smile and tip of her head. “Lovely day.”

“It truly is.”

They both sat in silence, as the youngsters frolicked about.

“Shall we discuss why you asked me here today?” Sarafina asked, smoothing out her long, white flowing skirt.

Ariel trusted no other like she trusted Sarafina. “I’ve longed for a change in my life.”

“What sort of change?”

A woman with a crying baby on her lap sat down between her and Sarafina. Ariel shifted positions to sit on her sister’s right. She was sure if the woman had noticed her, had known she’d nearly sat on her lap, she would have run screaming. Only children could see her, and Sarafina was invisible at this time, as well. “I’ve always been loyal and obedient. I’ve done my duty without complaint.”

Sarafina held her hand out and a tiny blue butterfly landed in her palm. “That is true.”

“I’ve considered…taking a lover.”

Sarafina sent the butterfly on his way. “We’re not allowed to engage in such behavior.”

“I’m aware of that.” The woman beside them got up and headed to the playground, her infant still crying. “Have you never desired to have more, a little change?”

“When I do, I change my wardrobe.”

Ariel sighed. “Something more than that? I see the humans engage in intercourse—”

“You observe them while they fornicate?”

“Of course not! But I have come across it from time to time. It looks so…enjoyable.”

“It’s a sin.”

“I know what it is.” Ariel stood and captured the stray ball rolling her way. Smiling, she handed it back to a cherub-faced young boy. Taking it, he ran off and continued to play with his friends. “It’s just that,” she sat back down, shifted in her seat, “I want to feel their joy. To experience the pleasure I see in their faces, the way they writhe. The release as their body is satisfied. I want a man to hold me in his arms.”

“You know what will happen if you carry on with this idea?”

“The thing is…it’s more than an idea. I’ve…already started the ball rolling.”

Sarafina gasped. “What have you done?”

Her face heated. “I talked with Cupid and he suggested…a dating service.”

“Dearest God!”

“It’s called 1Night Stand—”

“How trashy.”

Ariel cleared her throat. “It’s very classy, and Madame Eve has created a wonderful service.”

“What a fitting name for a woman in her position, given that the first Eve succumbed to temptation and indulged in a sinful act.”

“In any case. She treated me well and was so helpful. And…she’s found me a match.” Ariel cringed when Sarafina glared at her.

“You can’t do this.”

“I know.”

“Then stop it.”

“I need this. It’s one night. Please, it would mean so much if you supported me.”

“You’re asking too much of me, Ariel. If this were to be found out—”

“I know.” She would be banished to purgatory, a bleak, lonely place, neither hell nor heaven. “No one will find out…unless you tell them.” Her sister’s duty would prevent her from divulging a confidence, those dark secrets that no one spoke of.

“You’ve already made your mind up. I see no reason for pulling me into your ruse.”

“I need a friend.”

“Oh, Ariel.” Sarafina took hold of her hands. “I am now and always will be your friend. If this is what you require, then you must do it. Please, be careful.”

“I will. I promise. The gentleman I have been paired with is extremely handsome.” She held out the picture and sighed. “He has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen, and his face is quite rugged.”

“And you can’t wait to meet him in person.”

Ariel giggled, nodding.

“Then you must go.” Sarafina gave her a hug. “Be well, my sister.”

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