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Monday, October 26, 2015

#NewRelease His Temporary Fix by @SofiaGreyAuthor @EntangledSelect #militaryromance

Book title: His Temporary Fix (a Love at the Beach novella)

Author: Sofia Grey

Release date: 26 October 2015

Publisher: Entangled Select

Genre: Contemp military romance

Tagline: One night is all it takes


Holly Jacobs loses her heart a little too easily. Never again. But when she meets the sexy soldier on the beach, Holly knows she's in big trouble. Zack Winter is gorgeous and in pain, and when he kisses Holly, all of her resolve melts away...

Zack is on short-term leave to attend a funeral, and he's walking a fine line. The loss is unbearable...and he'll do whatever it takes to distract himself from it. Especially if it means a night of searingly-hot sex with Holly Jacobs. Only his brilliant idea isn't exactly going according to plan.

One night isn't nearly enough. But if it goes much longer it might end in broken hearts…


I ran the few yards, shouting “Gwen, Lily, heel.” They ignored me. By the time I reached him, the guy had sat up, a dazed expression on his face. He looked young, not much older than me, with dark eyes in a tanned face and what I figured was several days’ worth of rough stubble. Hot in a rugged, edgy way.
He tugged off the cap and ran a wet hand through short dark hair, and I caught a glimpse of dogtags on his chest. His gaze flicked up to me, and the breath caught in my throat. I’d expected to see anger, but instead, he looked lost.
Dropping to a crouch by his side, I tried to grab the girls before they did further damage. “I am so sorry.” Gwen barged into me, the force knocking me forward onto my knees and almost into his arms. Could I be any more embarrassed? “They don’t normally behave like this.” I grabbed at their collars, but they danced out of reach. Of course. “They must like you.” Jesus, how lame. I cringed when the words left my mouth, but it drew a hint of a smile from him.
“I guess.” He shoved at the wet sand and scrambled to his feet, then held out a hand to me. It would have been rude to refuse, so I let him help me up. His grip was strong and sure, albeit wet and sandy, and I tried not to stare at his sodden trousers. Lift your eyes, Holly. Muscles were clearly defined under his T-shirt, and the jacket did little to hide the breadth of his shoulders.
I focused on catching the dogs and managed to grab Lily on her next pass. Before she could wriggle free I clipped the chain to her collar. Now for Gwen, always the rebel. “I’m sorry,” I repeated into the silence. “I had no idea they’d do that. Are you okay?”
I got the distinct impression he wasn’t listening. He glanced first at his hand, then at his boots. “It’s gone,” he mumbled. “I’ve fucking dropped it.” He hunkered down and swished around in the shallow water. “Help me. I can’t lose it.”
Holding Lily securely, I bent down beside him. “What are we looking for?”
“A bracelet.”
I peered into the water. The light was fading fast, and our chances of finding anything were slim at best, but I caught a glimmer of something near my foot. I swooped to grab it before the next ripple shifted the sand, and my fingers closed around smooth metal. A silver link bracelet with blue stones and a flat silver plate with a name engraved. I squinted to read it. Marie?
“This one?” I held out the piece of jewelry and even in the semidarkness I saw his eyes light up and a smile break out across his face. Wow. I thought he was hot before, but he was actually gorgeous.
“Thank you.” He closed his fist around it and held it close to his chest. Marie must be his girlfriend. Or wife. Even a baby daughter. My imagination ran riot.
“It’s very pretty. Does that say Marie?” I should have slunk away at that point, but the desolation that flooded his eyes kept me locked in place.
“Marnie.” It was just a whisper. He swallowed hard. “Her name was Marnie.”
There’s always that moment where you have to make a choice. To walk away or to get involved in someone’s problems, and God knew, I’d been tangled in too many people’s issues already. But how could I walk away? He looked as though his entire world had crashed down around his feet. I’d beat myself up for it later, but right now, I had to stay. “That’s a beautiful name. Your girlfriend?” Was. He said her name was Marnie, my subconscious shrieked. Past tense.

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Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.

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What reviewers are saying about His Temporary Fix:

One sentence in and these characters drew me into their world, and had me hanging on every word. Their touching story captured my heart. – Misty

This was a very enjoyable quick read.  – Betty

I do love reading novella's for a quick fix, a quick pick-me-up, in between long novels. When they can pack emotion, connection with the characters, a great plot and storyline into less than 120 pages, well, that leaves me very satisfied and wanting to read more by the author. His Temporary Fix gave me all that and then some.   – Lee

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