Sara Daniel Romance Author: #99cents SALE thru April 5th Once Upon a Marriage @DecadentPub @DecadentBFT

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#99cents SALE thru April 5th Once Upon a Marriage @DecadentPub @DecadentBFT

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Now - April 5th
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Once Upon a Marriage

A Decadent Publishing Beyond Fairytales Retelling of Grimm's Three Army Surgeons

Time is running out for Armina Keer to have the baby she’s always wanted. Before she can move on with her life, she needs her estranged husband to sign their divorce papers. When she can’t get him to respond, her meddling uncles arrange for a trip to his inn. Despite vowing to guard her broken heart, she has to settle the past before she can have a future.

Ian Keer might not deserve a second chance with his wife, but he’s not going to give up one either, not with the immediate flaming attraction still between them. While her uncles’ antics wreak havoc on life at The Inn, he offers her the ultimate gamble: Spend the night with him, and afterwards he’ll sign the papers if she still wants to leave.

With everything riding on one night together, Ian must convince her that their love is strong enough the second time around, and Armina must decide if love is worth sacrificing her dreams.


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