Sara Daniel Romance Author: Sexy New Year, New Start #AmnesiaBride #WiccanHaus @MySexySaturday

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sexy New Year, New Start #AmnesiaBride #WiccanHaus @MySexySaturday

“Of course not.” The woman laughed. “I’m your mother-in-law—almost.”

 Mother-in-law? That meant… “I’m married?” She dropped her gaze to her left hand. She wore no ring or any jewelry to jog her memory. The chipped rose-colored nail polish and bare cuticles suggested a grown-out manicure. Although she knew what a nail salon was, she couldn’t remember a specific instance of being inside one.


She was engaged. She loved someone. Squeezing her eyes closed, she wished the nightmare away. If only the intense pain in her head would allow her to pass out so she didn’t have to think anymore.

“You don’t remember your fiancé?” the woman snapped.

Despite the blankets covering her, Gwen shivered. Not recalling her fiancé would not endear her to her future in-laws. On the other hand, bluffing her way through required a mental strength she didn’t possess. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened to me or how I got here.” Pain sliced through her forehead, wrapping around her skull until the ache at the back of her head consumed every thought. “My head. Oh God. Doc. I need a doctor.”

“Before we bother the doctor, let’s try giving your memory a kick start.” The woman gestured to the doorway. “Meet your fiancé, Tucker Wilde.”

"If she remembers the past, they won't have a future."

Gwen Fairfax awakens in a hospital, deluged by stabbing head pain and unable to remember anything about her past, especially the man who claims to be her fiancé. A trip to the Wiccan Haus is her only hope to discover the woman she used to be, her mysterious dreams about a resort, and the man who’s supposedly the love of her life.

Tucker Wilde is willing to do anything to stop his stepmother’s land development schemes from ruining the natural habitat he’s dedicated his life to preserving. But he never expects he’ll have to go so far as to pretend to be engaged to the woman his brother left at the altar. He knows better than to trust anyone in cahoots with his stepmother. But he feels an overwhelming need to protect the sweet, vulnerable woman who has no one to turn to but him. Soon, he’s losing sight of the fact that the engagement isn’t real.

Gwen tempts him at every turn, hoping physical contact between them will jog her memory. If she never remembers the past, Tucker begins to believe they could make a life together. But if the Wiccan Haus delivers on healing her memory, it will destroy any hope for their future.

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