Sara Daniel Romance Author: #MySexySaturday She's torn between her fantasy man and dream date - Haley's Man #erotica

Saturday, January 31, 2015

#MySexySaturday She's torn between her fantasy man and dream date - Haley's Man #erotica

“That’s right—your plans.” Disappointment filled his eyes, followed by resignation. “We can meet up later.”

“This won’t take long. I swear.” She couldn’t lose him. The fantasy orgasm might temporarily ease her sexual frustration, but her feelings for Seth had always been more than purely physical. She couldn’t take the chance that Seth would reject her for screwing around before she proved he could trust her.
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She must choose between the man of her dreams and the man of her fantasies.

When Haley Miller posts on a sexual fantasies forum that she wants to have an orgasm while surrounded by her friends, one reply stands out. Intrigued and desperately aroused, Haley prepares for the orgasm of her fantasies.

But when she arrives at her friend’s party, she learns that the man of her dreams, Seth Gardner, is back in town. Now she must decide if she wants to go through with her plans for public pleasure or go after her dream date with Seth, or risk losing them both.

Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband, and she gets amnesia at least three times a day because she can never remember where she left her keys!

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