Sara Daniel Romance Author: Top 7 Travel Destinations for Amazing Scenery and Fitness Workouts

Monday, March 3, 2014

Top 7 Travel Destinations for Amazing Scenery and Fitness Workouts

Courtesy of Becca Sanders, heroine of Love Him or Leave Him

Shipwreck (Navagio) Beach – Zakynthos Island – Greece: On top of my bucket list is to hang out on a beach in Greece. There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from, but this one is absolutely awesome. I can snorkel from cave to cave in the crystal clear waters, explore a shipwreck on the beach (hence the name), and of course, relax with plenty of sunscreen at the end of the day.

Walk Rome: Back in a high school, Connor and I always planned to go to Italy someday. A three hour walking tour of the Colosseum, ancient Rome and the Arch of Constantine in the morning followed by three more hours touring Piazza Di Spagna, Rome’s center, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona in the afternoon will hit a lot of the sights. After all that walking, I’ll be working out a deal with Connor to trading foot massages at the end of the day.

Kayak through the Grand Canyon: Not just a one day float trip. I’m looking at a two week, 200 mile trip down the Colorado River in class 4 rapids. This will give my arms a serious workout and test my endurance, while I take in the amazing panoramic views and travel through the deepest part of the Canyon.

Rock Climbing Mt. Arapiles in Australia:  This week-long trip offers some of the best rock climbing in Australia. I’ll use muscles I didn’t know I had on this cliff line jutting out from the flat Wimmera Plains of North Western Victoria.

While we’re over on that side of the world, let’s check out caving in New Zealand: In the North Island, Waitomo Caves can be explored by walking, floating (known as black water rafting), and rappelling, climbing and squeezing. Oh yeah, those muscles I didn’t know I had are going to come in handy.

Zip-line in Thailand: Act like a monkey (or rather a gibbon) in the Mae Kompong rainforest. Over three hours I can zip between platforms, sky bridges and lowering stations, moving through different layers of the rainforest canopy, eye level with the birds. It seems like I’m just hanging on for the ride on a zip-line, but I plan to work my core muscles to keep my body erect and enjoy the best view!

Hike to Mt. Everest base camp, Nepal: Seriously, if I’m going to have a list of international excursions that test fitness and adventure limits, Mt. Everest has to be on the list. I can walk along the trail the Dalai Lama called “the steps to heaven” as I spend two weeks of strenuous hiking going from 9,400 foot elevation to 17,598 feet. I better talk Connor into coming with me because it definitely sounds like I’m going to need a partner to trade serious foot massages with at the end of the day.

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  1. Love your picks! I'm thinking I should start up a bucket list like that! Wishing you all the best with your Goodreads giveaway, Sara! Entered! Cheers, Sista Wench!

  2. Great list and awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing, Sara!

  3. And I thought I was energetic! Done a few of these, and I think your bucket list is fantastic.