Sara Daniel Romance Author: #MondayMunchies - The Insanity of Monday - @sloanetaylor2 has a #recipe to save you!

Monday, October 14, 2013

#MondayMunchies - The Insanity of Monday - @sloanetaylor2 has a #recipe to save you!

The Insanity of Monday
by Sloane Taylor

Mondays are always super busy with loads of laundry, cleaning up after the weekend madness, and that little thing that pays the bills called work. Oh yes, we authors lead madcap lives. At least we do on paper if not in the real world. And that real world requires meals. Since Mondays are time crunchers I've developed as easy dinner we enjoy about once a month. Mix up a big salad and uncork a good white wine and kick back.

Pasta with Fresh Mozzarella
½ package any curly pasta
3-4 plum tomatoes, diced
¾ cup olive oil
fresh basil leaves
1 clove fresh garlic pressed
fresh mini Mozzarella balls quartered
freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Cook the pasta al dente.

While the pasta is boiling, sauté garlic in olive oil for 1 – 2 minutes. Don’t let the garlic burn or your dish will be bitter.

Drain the pasta. Place pasta in a serving bowl.

Add the oil/garlic mixture, Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. Toss well.

Serve the Parmesan on the side.

And now whet your reading appetite with a little from my latest release.

Lace and of the trade.

New Yorker Samantha Bradley has a fun, sexy career designing ladies lingerie. Now that her business is on the rise, she treats herself to a well deserved break on the French Riviera where the women are glamorous and the men are gorgeous. After a few days Sam is eager to sample more than just the local cuisine.

Cisco Bernier is France's key criminal prosecutor, but his courtroom charm falls flat outside the hallowed halls of justice. From family relationships to romantic trysts, his success rate is abysmal until a chance encounter with a sensuous young American businesswoman spins his staid world out of control.

Sam and Cisco sizzle together, but any future is threatened when their pasts collide. Her mob-connected father and his deceitful mother resurface and drag them into a corrupt world of lies and danger.

For an adult rated excerpt of FRENCH Tickler please click HERE.

To read excerpts from the other erotic romances by Sloane Taylor, please click HERE.

Sloane Taylor believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everyday lives and carries that philosophy into her books. She writes sexually explicit romances that take you right into the bedroom. Being a true romantic, all her stories have a happy ever after.

Her books are set in Europe where the men are all male and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. They also bring more than lust to their men’s lives.

Learn more about Sloane Taylor on her website, and of course her blog for easy recipes. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.


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    1. Thanks for coming out, Eleni! This really is a good dish.

  2. Both dish and book sound delicious!

  3. You had me at uncork a good white wine... Best wishes with ALL your publishing ventures, Sloane! Hugs!

  4. Sexy Sara, this is a great surprise! Thanks for having me out. I really appreciate it.

  5. So easy!! Going to have to try this. Life is too crazy for cooking these days.