Sara Daniel Romance Author: Friday Friends - @lizzietleaf shares how her DEAD series began

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Friends - @lizzietleaf shares how her DEAD series began

Love Among the Undead and Their Friends
by Lizzie T. Leaf

I like humor in my life. Maybe that’s why I enjoy reading and writing humor. When approached to do a vampire Halloween story for an anthology by a now defunct publisher, no surprise when my mind went in that direction.

I took the bull by the horns and did vampire “my way.” DEAD Awake’s heroine (thanks to a Jewish friend who suggested the idea) is a socialite from a Jewish family that keeps a Kosher kitchen. Our gal is a little on the wild side (think Paris Hilton), and a paparazzi darling. Her hook-up with a “hot” guy in a vampire costume at her annual Halloween party, changes her life…forever.

She wakes up smelling pine and discovers, thanks to the helpful stranger lurking outside the funeral home, our gal learns she’s now one of the living dead. And, her new main food supply is blood. Yuk! She doesn’t eat food that has snuggled against blood, let alone drink the stuff. But a girl can get hungry and real hunger can cause values to slip.

I finished the book and moved on…my vampire days behind me, or so I thought.

Readers asked, “When’s the next book in the series?” Series? My mind hadn’t ventured down that path. Then one of my friends suggested I write a book about a vampire who faints at the sight of blood.

Once she planted the seed, my mind wouldn’t leave it alone, and DEAD Faint came into existence, as well as the start of the DEAD series.

Vampires don’t always have to be scary, blood hungry, beasts. They can have “attitude” that will make you smile. And when they connect with a soul mate, it goes to show, vampires need love too.

In DEAD Hunter the heroine discovers her focus as a vampire hunter has been off course and not all vampires are her enemy, especially the one she falls in love with. DEAD Memory, has a hero with a little problem—he can’t remember he’s a vampire, or that he’s not supposed to be attracted to a werewolf.

Thanks to Musa Publishing’s encouragement, the series continues to grow. The latest release brings smiles with not only vampires, but shifters. If your daddy is Hispanic and your mama a cross-blend of Asian and German, the options are least for the heroine in DEAD Hot. And I’m delighted that DEAD Hot is a finalist for 2013 Best Novella in the Aspen Gold.

November 2013 brings the release of DEAD Santa. Tangling with a bat during his Christmas Eve deliveries leaves Santa with problems. He has to deal with accelerated lust in the bedroom and an unquenchable thirst for blood. This leads to an unhappy wife, but what’s a fellow to do?

Will there be other books? So glad you asked. At the moment I’ve stated to make notes for DEAD Viking. We’ll have to see where that goes.

Do you like your paranormal with a touch of humor, or prefer blood and gore? Why?

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  1. LOVE your Dead series, Lizzie!! Congrats and long may you write them.:)

  2. LOL! You've got a wicked sense of humor, Lizzie - no wonder we get along! I like paranormal with a touch of humor - go figure! Best wishes on the DEAD series, you've got a winner!

  3. This is a really fun series! Can't wait for Dead Santa!

  4. Loved the first book and looking forward to the rest of the series!

  5. Definitely prefer my vampires with a sense of humor the way you have 'em Lizzie. Otherwise I wouldn't read the books. Need...something extra so that suspense of belief has payback. Dead Awake was a real hoot.

  6. Love your series. Congratulations on the finalist status for Dead Hot and I can't wait for Dead Santa.