Sara Daniel Romance Author: Reviews and a Surprise

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reviews and a Surprise

I’ve gotten a couple really nice reviews for Mr. Forever that I wanted to pass along.  Click on the links for the full reviews.

Heather from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews gushed over my “fantastic…fiery and fierce” heroine and added “Caleb and Olivia had some fantastic chemistry.”

Tana Rae gave me a lovely review here.  “Sara Daniel's writing was great and I definitely would read anything else she has written. This book was fantastic and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance novels.”

Wow!  I think the word of the day is FANTASTIC.  Thanks Tana and Heather.

Okay, now are you ready for the surprise?  On Friday—yes, this Friday—I will be giving away a copy of Mr. Forever on Lizzie T. Leaf’s Blog.  I’ll be Day 10 of her 14 Days of Love.  Read all about my first love and first kiss, and then leave a comment on her blog telling me about your first love and/or first kiss.  I’ll pick a random winner from one of the comments.

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