Sara Daniel Romance Author: Book 3 in Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series is here. My bad boy's guarantee: you'll love it! #newrelease

Monday, April 25, 2016

Book 3 in Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series is here. My bad boy's guarantee: you'll love it! #newrelease

Today is release day for book 3 in The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series.

If she trusts him, she can have it all…or lose everything.

Between working her day job in the city and tending her father’s small-town bar every weekend, Haley Miller can’t remember the last time she had a date. When she trips over a stack of her dad’s unpaid bills and into the man of her dreams, she knows the night is guaranteed to be the best of her life…or the worst.

Seth Gardner returns to Regret Hollow to save his family’s business from their landlord’s financial mismanagement. The chance to finally act on his crush on Haley is a bonus he’s not about to turn down. But if he waits too long to confess his secrets, he’ll lose her trust and his chance.

Just when Haley thinks she can have the love and the life she always dreamed of, she discovers everything was built on a lie. Seth will lose her unless he can guarantee a lasting love built from nothing more than their fantasies.


Seth tucked a strand of Haley’s wavy blond hair behind her ear, hoping his hand didn’t shake. He was actually touching Haley Miller. They stood so close her body heat seared him through his clothes and her rising and falling chest threatened his sanity.

He needed to think of something else to say, fast. Bad enough he couldn’t work up the nerve to approach her last night. He couldn’t let her impression of him be the same tongue-tied stammering Seth of his youth. “So who’s the lucky boyfriend right now?”

She loosened the knot of his tie, not meeting his gaze.

His cock reacted to her fingers grazing his chest like she’d taken him in her fist, while she couldn’t even look him in the eye. He would embarrass himself in record time if he didn’t regain his control. “Never mind.” He dropped his fingers from her hair. “None of my business.”

“No boyfriend.” She met his gaze then glanced away. “Just…plans.”

Whoa, the fantasy thing had to be the “plans.” As much as he wanted to make her fantasy come true, convincing her to forego it for him would give him a real chance to win her over.

“Maybe together we can come up with a better plan.” Hoping his hand wouldn’t betray his nerves, he settled his fingers on her cheek, caressing her jaw.

“You can try.” She aimed a sassy grin at him, sending his groin to full salute. “Give it your best shot.”

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