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Saturday, December 19, 2015

#ChristmasTreats Giveaway Blog Hop @herdingcats2012

Christmas Treats Hop
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Solstice! Merry Star Wars opening! Merry December! Happy Saturday! Whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate, you probably have some shopping to do and need some advice. If a CEO happens to be on your list, you're in luck because I have some great advice for you, courtesy of Willow Jeffries.

Willow is a massage therapist who specializes in giving massages to CEOs who are too busy to leave their offices to get to the spa. Naturally, in her professional opinion, she considers a gift certificate for an office massage to be a good bet. But if you’re the type who sees a white collar guy and automatically heads for the men’s designer suit department, here are Willow’s personal thoughts on the subject as excerpted from Captivating the CEO:
Colin set aside his earpiece and laptop, then crossed the room and shoved his arms back into his shirt sleeves. After buttoning his crisp white shirt, he looped a blue tie around his neck.

She didn’t recall him ever wearing another color in her presence. “Are all your ties blue, or do you only own one?”

“I change at least once a day, sometimes twice.” Opening an oversized cabinet door, he gestured to several suit bags, a half dozen white shirts and a dozen blue ties. Some ties sported a muted stripe, others a subtle paisley design.

Without staring at them lined next to each other, she wouldn’t have discerned a difference. “Well, Christmas shopping for you will be easy. White shirt, blue tie. Check.” Of course, if she bought him a gift, she’d attempt to rock his wardrobe with a tie-dye shirt or, even better, Rudolph boxers with a prominent, glowing red nose.

While winding his tie and securing it in a snug knot against his starched, buttoned collar, he cocked an eyebrow at her. “Do you buy presents for clients?”

“If the mood strikes.” Unable to hold his gaze without leading him on, she shrugged and glanced at the clock above the treadmill. “Anyway, you’re not a client at the moment. Your session ended two minutes ago, and you don’t have any upcoming sessions booked, so I’m on personal time.”

“That sounds promising.” He winked. “How much personal time do you want to devote to me?”
Despite having no future to offer, she stepped toward him and looped her arms around his neck. “Enough for a kiss, to start with.”

Instead of rushing to open a phone conversation with someone on the other side of the world, he smiled and bent his head. “Let’s make it a memorable one.”

So it’s official. Next time I have a CEO on my gift list, I’m going to buy him Rudolph boxers, and I’m definitely going to enjoy that glowing red nose! (Check out this Pinterest inspiration!)

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