Sara Daniel Romance Author: Tugging on my Heartstrings with Reunited Lovers and Reunion Stories #amwriting #storyconflict

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tugging on my Heartstrings with Reunited Lovers and Reunion Stories #amwriting #storyconflict

 My Love Affair with Reunion Stories
By Sara Daniel
Half of the books I’ve written are reunion stories in one form or another. The One Night with the Bridal Party series kicks off by reuniting two lovers in One Night with the Bride. Caroline plans to grit her teeth and marry a guy she feels nothing for, but when given the chance to check out the only man she’s ever loved… well, she’s only going to look and satisfy her curiosity, not dump her fiancé for her true love. Uh huh. I’m already cheering for the past lovers to get back together.
Oh, and don’t worry about that guy she feels nothing for that she’d been planning to marry. He’s been emotionally unavailable for fifteen years since he and his high school love went their separate ways after a heartbreaking tragedy. He gets a reunion story too in One Night with the Groom.
Reunion stories of past lovers work because they’re so powerful. The story has inherent conflict. The couple either left each other for a reason or were torn apart in the past. Those unresolved issues don’t fix themselves. They remain and often grow bigger over time because the past conflicts become magnified by the hurt and pain of their years apart. But the characters are still wildly attracted to each other and long to relive the intimacy they’d once shared.
My latest release in the bridal party series is One Night with her Husband. As the title suggests, the two characters have a history and a connection and are looking for one last chance to either make their relationship work or split apart forever. Their angst, emotion and vulnerability are sky high. Because I want them to have a happily ever after and I know they won’t achieve it without each other, I’m rooting every step of the way for them to reunite in an everlasting love.

She walked away from her marriage seven years ago...
Marcia Johnson always assumed her husband would follow her eventually. She’d achieve success while she waited and prove her decision the right one. But when he finally turns up, she’s not ready. Her career hangs in the balance, and her weight has skyrocketed. How can she face the man she loves and show him she made the right choice? Especially when he’s matured from a decent-looking college student into the sexiest man she’s ever seen.

He’s waited seven years for his wife to finally need him…
If Adrian Torres can save her business, maybe he’ll have a shot at saving their marriage. But the woman he finds is too competent and independent to ask him for help. She even shrugs off his touch instead of reacting with the desire he hoped to ignite. Have the embers of their marriage finally died? Is it time to end their relationship and move forward?

He wants a divorce…
Her world ripped apart, Marcia turns to 1Night Stand to give her one more night before she lets Adrian go. She dares not hope for more. Even Madame Eve couldn’t have the magic to save their neglected disaster of a relationship…could she?


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