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Saturday, June 20, 2015

7 Paragraphs from One Night with His Wife @MySexySaturday @DecadentPub

Once again, her braid whipped back and forth with her emphatic denial. “The company is yours and Alex’s. I didn’t do anything except cook dinner and give you space to work. I came into our marriage with nothing, and I left with nothing, so I came out even.”

The whiskey burned in his gut without taking the edge off his nerves. He slapped the empty glass on the table. “You wasted ten years of your life with me. I don’t call that even.”

“I don’t call it a waste,” she shot back. “If we’d had a kid, then, yes, I’d take your money and put it in an account for his or her future, but that never happened. I don’t need or want anything for myself.”

He closed his eyes. “You should be thankful we don’t have a kid.”

“We had a deal, Luke. When you retired from the Marines, we’d start a family.”

“I got my leg blown off,” he shouted, opening his eyes to glare at her, hating the sorrow in her voice and himself for not being able to deliver on her dream. “We never took that scenario into account.”

She shoved her drink away. “Your leg is not the same piece of anatomy as your dick. Maybe you hadn’t noticed because you’ve been too busy being a dick.”
1. One Night with the Bride
--The One Night with the Bridal Party series can be read as stand alone books in any order, but this is the order for maximum enjoyment!

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  1. I do love second chances since I had one myself. ;-)