Sara Daniel Romance Author: Sexy Delight - 1Night Stand with a movie star @MySexySaturday @DecadentPub

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sexy Delight - 1Night Stand with a movie star @MySexySaturday @DecadentPub

A Sexy Delight: 7 Paragraphs from One Night With the Bridesmaid

The façade had gone on too long, and Rob intended to end it. He slanted his lips across hers. In a moment, she would shove him away and announce she wanted Blake, not him, confirming everything he’d accused her of. The sooner, the better because he hadn’t predicted the wave of physical attraction making him itch to explore her lush body and claim her as his own.

She shivered beneath him but didn’t break the contact. Instead, she moaned, curling her hands around the back of his neck. Her sweet taste and eager touch threw him off his game. She disguised her calculations so well, he couldn’t anticipate her next move.

He backed her against the wall, not taking his lips off hers. If she tested him on how far he would take this, she would lose. The more he kissed her, the more he wanted to immerse himself in her amazing curves and powder fresh scent while dumping his grand plan to strip her down to her intentions.

He slid her dress strap from her left shoulder and rubbed his palm over her full breast. Her nipple tightened, and her breathing hitched with each stroke of his fingers. Hell, he was hard and throbbing, as if this was a real seduction.

He tore his lips away from hers before he forgot the reason he’d chosen to meet her. “How dare you break up my brother’s wedding, trick him into a one-night stand with you, and then kiss me like I’m the only man who matters to you right now.”

“You are. I came here to be with you, Rob, not Blake.” She pulled his hand off her breast and yanked her strap back up, crossing her arms over her chest.

“You came here to meet me?” The possibility hadn’t entered his mind. Now the fantasy bloomed to life. He wanted nothing more than to peel the yellow dress off her, run his hands over her light brown skin, and bury his face in her curves. But his only goal was to warn her away from his hurting, vulnerable brother.

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