Sara Daniel Romance Author: Addicted to Love - Once Upon a Marriage #MySexySaturday #BeyondFairytales @DecadentPub

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Addicted to Love - Once Upon a Marriage #MySexySaturday #BeyondFairytales @DecadentPub

She squinted at him. “You started drinking?”
“No, but I isolated myself from everyone. I let work become my addiction, and I pushed aside and hurt anyone who tried to get between me and my job,” Ian said.
Armina kissed his cheek. “Speaking of which, I ought to let you return to said business so you don’t have to work too late. I have plans for you tonight.”
“Nothing is going to make me work late tonight. And we’re way past the kiss on the cheek bit.” He covered her mouth with his and kissed her until he had to release her or forget all about waiting for evening.

How he would make it through the entire day until they could be together he had no idea.
How he would survive the rest of his life without her he refused to imagine.
He had to convince her he belonged by her side until “death do we part,” as they’d sworn in that Vegas chapel, not until “divorce decree do we sign.”

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