Sara Daniel Romance Author: With This Kilt I Thee Bed #Highlander #NewRelease from @LandraGraf

Friday, October 17, 2014

With This Kilt I Thee Bed #Highlander #NewRelease from @LandraGraf

They’re not your traditional highlanders.

Rafe Gordon, Laird of Nairn, is searching for release from the nightmare of his wife’s passing. When Elsie, his daughter’s new governess, brings with her the temptation of passion and a less-than-perfect-past, Rafe must decide if love truly can conquer all.

Innes Gordon is looking for a good time. When that good time turns out to be the childhood-friend-turned-kept-woman Catriona, he finds himself torn between claiming her ‘til death do us part’ or simply sharing her with his twin.

Hamish Gordon is seeking a woman all his own. While his family’s home is invaded with nuptial ceremonies, Hamish is sent to patrol his older brother’s hunting grounds in search of a thief. Discovering his prey yields the biggest surprise — and Athdara needs his help as much as he needs hers.

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Curse that bloody Innes to hell and back. The last time she’d seen him, he’d kissed her, laughed at her, and sent her on a cursing tirade of his loveless ways. They’d been only a few years past the age of fifteen, and if she’d known that in six years her ideas of the future—married, with children and a croft—were pointless, maybe she wouldn’t have yelled at him so loud.

Now, he stood, arrogant as ever, calling to account her fairly new profession. She needed the coin desperately to support her family. With two siblings to feed, creditors demanding accounts be brought current, and her father’s passing not more than two months prior, there’d been no other choice. Her maiden virtue went the way of a Scottish crown, but to willingly give herself up to Innes and Hamish’s rampant and wild demands?

“What are you suggesting?” No harm in finding out.

Innes’s smile widened, reminding her of all the dares he used to issue when they were younger. “Well first—“

“You don’t have to agree to this, Catriona,” Hamish said pushing Innes to the side. He’d always been the voice of reason trying to get her to back down. When she wouldn’t, he’d be right beside her.

She shook her head. “At least let him try to convince me to participate in some sexual romp like the rumors speak of.”

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