Sara Daniel Romance Author: My Baby is Two! #BookBirthday More Than A Fantasy #1NS @DecadentPub

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Baby is Two! #BookBirthday More Than A Fantasy #1NS @DecadentPub

My Baby is TWO!

And what a fine, strapping two year old he is! Okay, before I get us in trouble, let me set the record straight. Gabriel is definitely of age to do all those wonderful things you’re thinking of when you look at him on the cover of More Than a Fantasy.

My baby is two because this is the two year book birthday for More Than a Fantasy, which began my journey with Decadent Publishing and 1Night Stand. What a fabulous two years it has been!

Since More Than a Fantasy, I have published three more 1Night Stand books -- One Night With the Bride, One Night With the Bridesmaid and One Night with the Groom – and contracted a fourth book, One Night With the Best Man.

I have also tried my hand at Decadent’s Challenge series, shedding tears as I wrote the book of my heart, Captivating the CEO.

When Decadent put out the call to create a twisted version of an assigned fairy tale at the beginning of this year, my hand shot in the air. I was assigned the obscure, slightly gruesome Three Army Surgeons, which I twisted into a comedic second chance romance in Once Upon a Marriage.

And just a couple weeks ago, I released A Model Hero – Mr. September in the sexy Calendar Men series.

All of this started two years ago when I read the guidelines for the 1Night Stand series and knew Madame Eve wanted me to bring Regina and Gabriel together for More Than a Fantasy:

Regina’s fantasies about her hot marketing assistant, Gabriel, are interfering with her focus at work. In desperation, she turns to Madame Eve to give her a one night stand with a man who looks just like him. When the Gabriel arrives in her hotel room, she must choose between walking away and playing out her daydreams with the real thing. Their one night becomes a wrestling match for control as Regina strives to keep the upper hand. But Gabriel is just as determined to show her how to work together for business and for pleasure.

As passion trumps protocol, their one night stand quickly becomes much more than a fantasy.

Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. Connect with her online at:
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