Sara Daniel Romance Author: Operation Owl Tour of the Capital @LaylaTarar #BeyondFairytales

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Operation Owl Tour of the Capital @LaylaTarar #BeyondFairytales

Tara Quan’s Operation Owl Tour of the Capital – A (Residence) Inn
by Tara Quan
I owe Sara Daniel a huge thank you for hosting me today. I’m trying something new, which is to chat up my book prior to getting a firm release date. Because of my impending move to Rome, I may soon experience a prolonged Internet blackout and have prescheduled my stops. To the best of my knowledge, my latest multicultural romance from Decadent Publishing comes out some time in July 2014 (so, depending on when you stumble upon this blog, it might be available now).
For updates as well as a chance to win a $25 gift card, drop by my website:
In honor of the place I consider home (what the government terms the National Capital Area), I’m dedicating the posts on this tour to Washington, D.C. and its surrounding suburbs. The romantic comedy I’m very blatantly promoting is set entirely in the US capital. A Beyond Fairytales adaptation of The Owl by Brothers Grimm, Operation Owl features a geeky hacker hero and his bookish best friend. They team up to expose a cyber conspiracy at the heart of the US government and end up indulging in some other equally exciting activities.
Waypoint: A (Residence) Inn
Since Once Upon a Marriage, Sara’s Beyond Fairytales launch story, stars her adaptation of Grimm’s innkeeper, I thought I’d use this opportunity to highlight my preferred place to stay when visiting D.C. My husband’s job occasionally makes us return to the capital for short 2-3 week jaunts (which inevitably includes a visit to the dentist, a stop at the doctor’s office, and some shopping). Whenever this happens, I prefer to stay at the Marriott Courthouse Residence Inn.
Located literally on top of an Orange Line Metro Stop, this hotel is within walking distance to CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. All their rooms include a kitchenette, and it’s a 2-minute walk to a pizza parlor, burger joint, steak house, Thai restaurant, Japanese place, as well as multiple coffee shops and bars. Marriott rewards points are relatively easy to spend internationally, and one can also get a discount with a valid government/military ID.
While not the lap of luxury, this hotel is a more than adequate home away from home. I highly recommend it for any trip to the D.C-metro area.

And thus concludes my Capital Area tip for the day. Follow along at as I continue my tour at the blogs of some awesome romance authors. 

Operation Owl
Five years ago, Maya Jain kissed her best friend only to have him run out of her dorm room and leave the state. When he shows up in Washington, D.C., a wanted fugitive sought after by every branch of the US government, she can’t bring herself to ignore his plight. As their physical relationship picks up where it left off, she decides it’s time to make him see her as more than the bespectacled, bookish girl he once called “Owl.”
After being accused of espionage and treason, Zack Strong needs a forensic accountant to help clear his name. Not knowing who he can trust, this white-hat hacker has no choice but to ask his former best friend and math tutor for help. Together they unravel a cyber conspiracy at the Barn, an NSA facility tasked to intercept electronic communications. But as they traverse the nation’s capital to avoid capture, Maya insists on letting their simmering sexual tension take its natural course. Even though he’s never been able to shake the memory of their one kiss, he refuses to let her give up her life for a man with no future.
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy, Multicultural

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