Sara Daniel Romance Author: Is it Summer Yet? #bloghop Hot Hero Wars! @MusaPublishing #finallyeverafter

Monday, May 26, 2014

Is it Summer Yet? #bloghop Hot Hero Wars! @MusaPublishing #finallyeverafter

"Is It Summer Yet?" Blog Hop
What could be better than a hot hero for a hot summer day? How about two hot heroes!

Read the blurbs below and let me know whether you think Zane or Wyatt makes the hottest summer hero. I'll pick one random winner and send them their choice of Zane's Art OR Wyatt's Guilt in their preferred e-reader format.

Zane's Art
A high school art teacher must choose between her students and the artist she never stopped loving.

High school art teacher Julianne Truman's last chance to save her beloved art department from budget cuts is to sell the old sketches that her former boyfriend—and now famous artist—Zane DeMonde drew for her. But is she prepared to let go of his artwork and the last traces of him in her life?

Desperate to save his artistic reputation from the exposure of his early works, Zane returns to the home town he wanted to forget. He accuses Julianne of profiting from his success and demands she take his art off the market and cancel the auction.

Their high school attraction flares back to life, forcing Julianne to choose between the students who count on her and the man she never stopped loving.

Wyatt's Guilt
Nicole trusted Wyatt with her heart once. She won’t make the same mistake twice.

Nicole DeMonde’s car breaks down the moment she returns to her hometown for her brother’s wedding. The cop who stops to help her is none other than local hottie Wyatt Truman, who slept with her then dumped her when they were teens. She has no choice but to accept his help. However, she knows better than to trust him with her heart twice.

Wyatt is determined to earn Nicole’s forgiveness and make amends for his callous past. Once he lays eyes on her, he can’t help wanting a lot more than forgiveness, despite his intention never to hurt her again.

Just as Wyatt starts thinking his best intentions are of the forever variety, Nicole decides to work Wyatt out of her system with a one night stand. Can either of them make peace with the past in a single weekend, let alone survive with their hearts intact?

Zane or Wyatt??? Leave a comment with your pick! Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you.


  1. Loved both of these books. Have a great summer :)

  2. A hard, hard choice! I'm going to have to chose Zane, only because I was an art student once.
    casey 4 4 6 at hot mail dot com

  3. Wyatt. Do we have to say why? :) We know you already know!

  4. I would have to say the cop Wyatt!
    aegger.echo (at)yahoo (dot)com

  5. That's a really difficult choice. I'm edging towards Wyatt, although I think the artistic bent has me going for Zane. I guess those of us who are or have been artists are going to opt for Zane.

  6. Love seeing friends on these hops. Not going to pick one, just saying hi. ;)

  7. Loved reading Zane's Art! I haven't read Wyatt's Guilt. I've got your Entangled books to read on my ereader!

  8. Wow they both sound amazing! Very difficult choice here! I'm going to pick Wyatt only because I have thing for cops! LOL.

  9. They both sound so good!! Hmm,... i'm gonna pick Zane's Art! <3

    Thank you for this giveaway!

    I hope you have a great week! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com