Sara Daniel Romance Author: Friday Friends - Kyle of Leigh Daley's Storm Duty Gets the 3rd Degree from His Lineman

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Friends - Kyle of Leigh Daley's Storm Duty Gets the 3rd Degree from His Lineman

(NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our scheduled interviewer is unable to attend, so questions for Kyle Mathis will be asked by one of his linemen, Matt Pendleton. We hope it goes okay.)

MATT: Today I get to ask my boss, Kyle Mathis, anything I want.

KYLE: That’s not how this works. Can I get somebody else in here please?

MATT: Nope, you got me. So, Kyle, you are the “hero” of Leigh Daley’s book Storm Duty but I’m in it too. How does it feel to be called a hero?

KYLE: We were all just doing our jobs. Nothing about that day felt heroic, you know that. The tornado that destroyed Milton was a monster. We were just trying to keep people safe and get the lights back on as fast as we could.

MATT: Did you enjoy making us all work sixteen hours a day that week during restoration?

KYLE: Nope because I worked eighteen hours myself. But at least we had enough help to get everybody’s power back on in about five days. We’d still be working if those crews from the rest of the country hadn’t shown up to do storm duty with us.

MATT: Speaking of storm duty, I saw that Jenna Harlow had left her big corner office down south to come help out. I heard you two were spending some “quality time” together at your house that week. So what’s up with that?

KYLE: None of your business.

MATT: Come on. You know you want to talk about her. Stacy said she saw her in the grocery store the other day with a cart full of food. So, is she going to be Mrs. Mathis again?

KYLE: As far as I’m concerned, she never quit being Mrs. Mathis. She just needed to come back home and remember that.

MATT: Finally going to paint that house something other than white now that she’s there?

KYLE: (sighs) Every wall in the house has at least three splotches of paint color on it while she decides which one looks best all day. What is it with women? They want a color on the walls. Well, white is a color. I don’t understand.

MATT: Me either. (pauses to reflect) She looks good.

KYLE: Keep your eyes to yourself. I don’t look at Stacy.

MATT: I’m just saying. Jenna is looking really good these days. And for once you look happy. So, how’s the love life? Pretty good huh?

KYLE: Shut up, Matt. This interview is over. Go back to work.

MATT: There you have it, ladies and gentleman. The love life must be rocking hard to make him blush like that.

KYLE: Shut up. Go back to work.

Their careers drove them apart--could disaster bring them back together?

In the aftermath of a series of tornadoes, Kyle Mathis just wants to guide his linemen to restore power to the devastated town of Milton. When reinforcements in the form of corporate deskjockeys come to work storm duty, he's glad for the extra bodies to help serve food and support the crews working eighteen hour days.

But Kyle is not prepared to face one of the latest arrivals, his ex-wife Jenna. Jenna left him years ago, choosing her career over their marriage. However, being back together in their home town brings back memories and desire--for both Kyle and Jenna.

Can Kyle and Jenna find each other again in the midst of the devastation? Or will their jobs pull them apart and leave not only their homes but their hearts shattered?

To read an excerpt from Storm Duty, please click HERE.

Leigh Daley lives with her husband and kids in the wilds of West Alabama along with her dogs Bruno and Jack. Now on her fourth career, she has spent most of her life writing for other people, but these days she is writing for herself. She eats like a cavewoman, posts crazy fanfic as Arcole, and tries to meet her creative needs by writing romance as Leigh Daley and fantasy as Arley Cole. She’s a really big fan of happily ever after.

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  1. Thanks for letting my boys come out today, Sara!! I hope they behaved while they were here!

  2. Love these guys and I love, Love, LOVE Storm Duty!