Sara Daniel Romance Author: My Decadent Journey

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Decadent Journey

My journey to Decadent began ironically at Musa Publishing where I was (and still am) happily writing for the Wiccan Haus series. I noticed that my fellow series authors Dominique Eastwick and Kate Richards both had books out with Decadent's 1Night Stand series. Not wanting to have "all my eggs in one basket" as the cliche goes, I was looking to branch out to another reputed publisher.

I respect Dominique and Kate as great romance authors, and I trust their business sense, so I decided to check out Decedent's 1Night Stand series. The moment I read about Madame Eve here, I knew I wanted to be part of this series. In the coming weeks and months, I brainstormed and then wrote More Than a Fantasy. The day after I submitted it, I had an acceptance letter and a contract. Wa-hoo! I was definitely excited. And amazed. And a bit overwhelmed!

This was in May. Over the summer, I wrote a rough draft of another 1Night Stand book while I was waiting for edits for More Than a Fantasy. Fall turned into a crazy rush of edits and promo. But finally at the end of October, I was able to return to the second 1Night Stand story and revise it. I submitted One Night with the Bride, the first in the One Night with the Bridal Party sub-series, which will come out next month to be followed by One Night with the Bridesmaid later this year.

Meanwhile, my love affair with Decadent has spread beyond 1Night Stand. I am looking forward to showcasing "September" in the Calendar Men series in 2014, and I've been eyeing the Challenge Series and brand new Tease Entice line with great interest. And I definitely have a couple more One Night with the Bridal Party stories to tell. My journey with Decadent has just begun, and it's been a heck of a ride so far!


  1. It's amazing how an author or two can guide you to new ventures. Congrats on your upcoming releases! :)

  2. ahh, now see I'm learning so much about my fellow Decadent authors. Loving it. From Musa to Decadent. And now a bridal series coming up! WOOT

  3. Kate was one of my gateways into the 1NS series too. Congrats on all your releases coming up!

  4. Kate--the gateway drug of choice. :)

    I like the ladies at Musa, know quite a few of them, and enjoy their stories. We share several authors with them, as with so many other top notch pubs!

    Sara, fantastic to hear your story and that you're happy writing for us. We really enjoy having you at Decadent Publishing! You're a wonderful team member, and write stories people love to read.

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

  5. 1 Night Stands are addicting! So is Decadent. :)
    Heather, you are too funny, lol

  6. Kate and Val are fabulous :P I'm addiced to 1NS's now haha. Decadent's brand at least :P

  7. there are calendar men? where? where?

  8. I'm with writery.... this calendar men thing. Point me in that direction. :)

  9. Thanks everyone! Yep, I'm definitely a 1NS addict too. LOL!

    "Kate--the gateway drug of choice" -- Too funny. Love this, Heather! Thanks so much for everything.

    Writery and Landra, keep watching. When those hotties show up, they'll be way too sexy to be missed! *wink*

  10. I'm also excited about this Calendar Men deal...

    Awesome story, Sara! Thank you for sharing it. There are so many amazing and talented people at Decadent!