Sara Daniel Romance Author: Friday Friends - Holley Trent & Lizzie T. Leaf

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Friends - Holley Trent & Lizzie T. Leaf

Here are two books that will get you in the holiday spirit and liven up your Christmas!

Today is release day for...

Mrs. Roth's Merry Christmas
by Holley Trent

Santa gets more than he bargains for in his marriage of convenience to the queen of snark.

All Gillian wanted was to pick up a third job so she could buy her preschool students Christmas gifts. She didn’t think she’d be the one getting picked up instead.

Her new boss, Nicholas Roth, is the big man in charge at Santa Incorporated—what Gillian thought was a seasonal staffing agency. But the sexy CEO has a holly jolly secret; he’s an equal opportunity employer and most of his staff are elves.

Santa has another secret. When he’s not delivering toys for his charity, he’s contending with political unease in the magic realm. To take his father’s throne as king of the elves, he has to get married…and only magic-proof Gillian will do. Gillian agrees thinking Nick will cut her loose after the busy Christmas rush, but he has other ideas.

Nick wants a permanent Mrs. Roth, but Gillian doesn’t think she’s it.

Forget the Misteltoe
by Lizzie T. Leaf

Marta's cold on the retail holiday season, but warming to the hot hunk from home office, even if he loves Christmas.

Marta Holt hates Christmas and all the fuss that goes with it, which isn’t a good way to feel about the biggest money making season in her chosen career field, retail management.

Linc Blanchard’s family owns the chain of retail stores and shows up in Denver to make sure that Marta, the temporary manager, doesn’t affect the bottom line of that store’s Christmas season with her lack of appreciation of his favorite holiday.

Mix in Claude, an elf with attitude that has been sent into the human world to help Santa correct the mistake he made with Marta when she was a little girl and you have a hot, humorous fantasy to relieve the stress of your holidays.


  1. Love how those covers coordinate. Christmas makes everything match. :)

  2. These two reads are definitely on my list to read. Hope they achieve loads of festive sales . MERRY CHRISTMAS

  3. Congrats on your festive reads, gals! Hope many ereaders are stuffed with them! Cheers!