Sara Daniel Romance Author: Pitch On Workshop -- Gripped

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pitch On Workshop -- Gripped

The Pitch!

Genre: YA Contemporary (Edgy)
Word-count: 58,000

Pitch: Taylor has it all: hottie boyfriend, perfect grades, and queen bee status. She also has an addiction. When she's dumped, she uses alcohol to numb her heartache. The more she drinks, the more reckless she becomes. Driving drunk, she crashes her car, forcing her to face her addiction. The truth is, she can’t survive without alcohol, and she’d rather die than give it up.

The Workshop!
Wow, I really like the issue addressed in this book. I think it's a super-interesting premise. What I'd like to see is a bit more about Taylor's character. You've shown us the stereotype of who she is, but what is going to make the reader care about her? What makes her unique? Instead of "she also has an addiction," maybe you can hint at her desperation to belong to the cool crowd or a traumatic incident in her past--whatever set her along the path to her addiction. Once we have a reason to care for her, we can root for her to beat her addiction.

That's my two cents. Let's see what everyone else has to say!

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  1. Hey yeah I agree with Sara, it's a very interesting premise, but I'm also curious about the character. I want to know more about her, to care for her. You've really emphasised her alcohol addiction but I wish you could something more. All the best