Sara Daniel Romance Author: Multi-Author Facebook Party May 19th #romance @desireeholt @DecadentPub

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Multi-Author Facebook Party May 19th #romance @desireeholt @DecadentPub

Tuesday, May 19th from 12-8pm Eastern time

 * Desiree will open and close and pop in occasionally to post
**All times are Eastern!
Kerry Adrienne - 12-12:20pm
Lizzie T. Leaf - 12:20-12:40pm
M. Limoges - 12:40-1pm
Hester St. Jean - 1-1:20pm
Lily Vega - 1:20-1:40pm
Libby Waterford - 1:40-2pm
Angelita Gill - 2-2:20pm
Dominique Eastwick - 2:20-2:40pm
Kate Richards - 2:40-3pm
Cerise DeLand - 3-3:20pm
Cassandra Carr - 3:20-3:40pm
Brenna Zinn - 3:40-4pm
Mahalia Levey - 4-4:20pm
Susanne Saville - 4:20-4:40pm
Sara Daniel – 4:40-5pm
Elle Boon – 5-5:20pm
Rebecca Royce - 5:20-5:40pm
TL Reeve - 5:40-6pm
Tina Donahue - 6-6:20pm
Heather Long - 6:20-6:40pm
Madison Sevier - 6:40-7pm
D.L. Jackson - 7-7:20pm
Kayleigh Malcolm - 7:20-7:40pm
Erzabet Bishop - 7:40-8pm

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