Sara Daniel Romance Author: He'll do whatever it takes to save her from himself #RegretHollow #newrelease

Monday, May 9, 2016

He'll do whatever it takes to save her from himself #RegretHollow #newrelease

Today is release day for the fourth book in the Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series. This is the last release...for now. This book has the distinction of being the first brand new book, never previously published by any publisher, not even conceived until nine months ago. (Ah-hem, honey, it's really yours. I swear!! LOL) All right, before I get in any more trouble, here is The Bad Boy’s Goodness.

He’ll do whatever it takes to save her from himself.

Just once, straight-laced teacher Bethany Wilkerson wants to make love with a man who’s not a dud in bed. When she finally meets the perfect man, he turns her down. Humiliated, she studiously avoids him for months…until she’s stranded at his house during an ice storm.

Ken Hawkins might have cleaned up on the outside, but on the inside he’s still a bad boy from the ghetto who will never be good enough for Bethany. Keeping his distance is a lot easier when she’s not parading through his house wearing nothing but his sweatshirt. No matter how hard he tries to reform, he’s not a saint.

The more Ken tries to convince her of his rotten core, the more Bethany believes in his innate goodness. But until she can convince him to believe in himself, he will continue to push her out of his life.

He clasped her hand but, instead of shaking it, he raised it to his mouth. His lips grazed her knuckles, the warmth of his breath spearing heat straight to her center. “I’ll see you back here tomorrow night.”

“Yeah.” She needed to pull her arm free and say something smart and witty instead of simpering like an nineteenth-century lady on the verge of fainting over a little hand kiss.

“It’s a date.” He released her and opened the door.

Definitely not a date. She wouldn’t enter any situation that could be construed as something personal between the two of them. Desperate to put some space between them, she rushed outside. Her foot slipped over the icy ground, flying out from under her. Frantically trying to break her fall, she flailed her arms.

Ken grasped her elbow, and she fell against him, burying her face in his open coat, against his solid chest. She inhaled, and his scent surrounded her, leaving her both dizzy…and safe. He tugged her upright, tucking her next to him in the gallery doorway. “Bethany, babe, we have a problem.”

Yes, they did. Not only could she not stop rubbing her body along the length of his, he’d called her out on her inability to create any space between them.

“You can’t drive home in this weather. I’m not even sure we’ll be able to scrape enough ice off either of our cars to open the doors.”

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