Sara Daniel Romance Author: #MySexySaturday Sexy's Got You - One Night With the Best Man #newrelease @DecadentPub

Saturday, April 18, 2015

#MySexySaturday Sexy's Got You - One Night With the Best Man #newrelease @DecadentPub

One Night with the Best Man

“Do you want me to give you a minute?” Susie’s compassionate voice next to his ear startled him.

Too discombobulated to attempt a callous or flirtatious reply, he allowed the truth to slip free. “Yes.”

After patting his shoulder, she strolled toward the doorway. The memories and boxes in the room closed around him as if he’d stepped in suffocating quicksand. He might summon the strength to tackle the task with her at his side, but he didn’t stand a chance alone.

“No! Don’t go. Please.”

Pausing, she raised her eyebrows, but otherwise didn’t move closer or farther from him.

A raw sense of desperation, not unlike when an enemy cut off his reinforcements, enveloped him. “I’ve harassed you and acted like a jerk, and I’m sorry. I promise not to feel you up or jump you. I just really suck at trips down memory lane and could use a little moral support, if you don’t mind staying with me.”

Her gaze softened and she slipped her arm around his waist, her warm curves burning through his clothes and into his flesh. “Of course I’ll stay.”

Alejandro “Alex” Cortez vowed never to return to the family farm, but when his sister makes it the destination for her wedding, he has no choice. The farm’s new owner, sexy agricultural professor Dr. Susan Gundersen, is his only hope for a diversion from the haunting memories.

Susan knows better than to count on people sticking around for her. The farm gives her the roots and permanence she’s craved her entire life. As she helps Alex clear out his family’s mementos from the house, Susan is drawn to the raw and vulnerable man under his carefree exterior. A few kisses later, she falls hard and fast.

Despite their mutual attraction, Susan will never leave the farm and Alex will never consider staying.  Will one passionate night with the best man give them the courage to face what they each fear most or drive them apart forever?

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