Sara Daniel Romance Author: #MySexySaturday Valentine's Day #WhyImSingle Psychic Lies #WiccanHaus

Friday, February 13, 2015

#MySexySaturday Valentine's Day #WhyImSingle Psychic Lies #WiccanHaus

She stared, open-mouthed, as he set the chair down opposite her. “You’re going to sit with me?”

“Of course. What did you think I planned to do?” He shot her another disarming smile and stretched his hand across the table to touch her fingertips. “Is that okay?”

“Of course,” she lied. She pulled her hand free. His fingers were warm against her icy ones. She hadn’t been able to shake the chill since seeing that lifebond ring in meditation class, but already her soul warmed in his presence. Blast her traitorous thoughts. She’d much rather stay shivering cold than allow any man close. That would never change, even if she managed to redeem her disgraced Vetter status.

“Wonderful.” He smiled, showing off his strikingly white, straight teeth.

She couldn’t stop herself from smiling back. He had the most beautiful mouth she’d ever seen.

“So, I’ve been wondering.” Armando eyed her speculatively. “What makes you never want to see another lifebond ring as long as you live?”

He sure knew how to pop a mood killer of a question. She tried to think of a plausible reason someone would freak out over a generic ring. “Oh, you know, everyone else finding their lifebond partner and rubbing it in the single lady’s face.” She shrugged, painfully aware her excuse was paper thin and made her look like she was fishing to hook up with him.

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  1. Like the tentative tone of the snippet plus the cover is brave because the guy is not the "default" hero.

  2. Love the intense look on the guy's face. It says he's going to peel away all her layers. Coupled with the snippet, I'm in heaven.